Pickup Truck Hitch in Williston North Dakota – An Update

So, you bought the boat, camper, trailer, dirt bike, jet ski, mobile snow, or a bunch of horses, and you’ve got the trailer to go with. Now you need to hit this all to the rig you ‘re driving. What-what to do?!

I think it’s important to identify your current towing needs and future towing needs when choosing a trailer hitch. You may just hook up a bike rack or carrier this year, but next year you hope it turns into a camper or boat. If you have a thought or question about it, selecting the higher class is always a good idea. You also need to get your towing vehicle into the equation, as not all vehicles can tow any trailer or hitch. Good idea to check the owner’s truck or SUV manual to see what it recommends as Towing Capacity.

There are 5 Truck Hitches groups for specific towing needs:

  • CLASS I Hitch is built to carry 2,000 pounds of gross trailer weight, 200 pounds of tongue. This is the lightest hitch type used on a small car , truck, or minivan. They are usually used tow pop-up campers, dirt bikes, jet skis, or tiny aluminum fishing boat. These work great now with the new hitch mounted bike and cargo racks.
  • The CLASS II Hitch can hold up to 3,500 pounds, total 350 pounds in the mouth. These work well attached to cars, pickups, mini-vans and cross-over. They ‘re great to pull a regular size fishing or power boat, a small camper, multiple snow mobiles or jet skis or motorcycles, etc.
  • To drive up to 5,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight and 500 pounds of tongue weight, the CLASS III Hop. They are great for pulling a Full Size Pickup, Truck, SUV, or Bus and towing a good camper, cruise, or horse trailer. Each size hitch is normally built especially for your car.
  • CLASS IV Hook hops up to 10,000 pounds and can accommodate 1,000 to 1,200 pounds of tongue. Such hitches are often made exclusively for your truck, which will be any sort of full-size sedan, van, or utility vehicle. They ‘re great pulling that bigger camper or boat.
  • CLASS V Hitch is designed for extra heavy loads over 10,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds tongue weight. These are “weight distribution” hitches, built for your rig and suitable for towing a car or horse trailer, extra large boat, or camping trailer. Like Class IV Hook, you’ll want to drive a full-size tractor, bus, or SUV. The weight distribution system adds spring bars to each side of the trailer, redistributing weight to improve your vehicle’s stability while towing large loads.
  • Large vessels, campers, trucks and horse trucks often have 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Hitches. They ‘re mounted in your heavy duty truck’s bed.

There are a range of luxury hitch producers out there, including Reese, Curt, Valley, Putnam, among others, producing high-quality receiver hits among tools. The hitches themselves are high-strength steel and are tested to insure they follow acceptable requirements. That’s important, so you can be sure your trailer will carry what it’s supposed to! You can all hook up with cable kits, ball mounts, trailer balls, hitch adapters, draw bars, hitch pins, towing bars, locks, and lots of other towing supplies.